Cricket legend trolls Steve Smith with savage prediction

Riley Morgan
Sports Reporter
Former fast-bowler Shoaib Akhtar (pictured left) has joked he could skittle Steve Smith (pictured right) in just four deliveries. (Getty Images)

Steve Smith has faced some fierce bowlers in his time but cricket fans went wild after former speedster Shoaib Akhtar claimed he could bowl the mercurial Aussie out in just four deliveries.

Smith was part of an ESPN Cricketinfo experiment, which fans were asked to post which legendary pairing they would have liked to seen dual in their primes.

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Some of the match-ups had cricket fans salivating with Shane Warne placed against Virat Kohli, fast-bowler Jofra Archer against Australia’s all-time run scorer Ricky Ponting, and Sachin Tendulkar against spinner Rashid Khan.

Another match-up included Smith against Akhtar - who Ponting recently claimed was the fastest-bowler he ever faced - and the 44 year old Pakistan legend joked he knew how he would get the Aussie out.

“Even today, 3 hurting bouncers and I can dismiss Steve Smith on the 4th ball. Lol,” he wrote.

His intimidation tactic could have been referring to a few of Smith’s recent dismissals in Test match cricket, where the bowlers aimed the ball short and into his body before he was caught out.

While the dual will most likely never take place due to the Pakistan legend’s age, it would have been quite a sight to see a fast-bowler that regularly bowled more than 150km/h try and dismiss Smith.

Ponting discusses most difficult spells

Ponting recently revealed the hardest spell he endured during his time as the spearhead of the Aussie attack.

And many were surprised he gave the nod to all-rounder and English foe Andrew Flintoff. His reverse-swing masterclass had Ponting in all sorts during the Ashes series in 2005.

But many questioned why Ponting didn’t pick Pakistan steam train Akhtar as his hardest spell during his career.

Ponting went on to explain (via Tweet above), the Pakistan quick’s spell was the fastest he faced on a bouncy WACA pitch in 1999.