Sheridan follows General's advice in AFLW

The General was quick with advice from the other side of the world for Collingwood utility Aishling Sheridan when he learned about her new AFLW role.

Gerry "General" Sheridan played top-level Gaelic football for Cavan and Mullahoran in Ireland and has managed the Cavan women's team.

With his daughter Aishling a 36-game veteran at the Magpies, he's also become a devotee of the AFLW and binge watches games on the internet.

So when Aishling was assigned to tag Western Bulldogs star Ellie Blackburn in last Sunday's elimination final, he was a font of information.

"My parents are so funny, especially my Dad," Sheridan told AAP.

"When I told him what my role was, he already knew, because he's watched all the games.

"So he was saying 'OK, this is the side this person spits out in play, so just be ready to be on your toes and go that way'.

"No doubt if I do it again, I will tell my Dad."

Sheridan has made her name in the AFLW mainly as a forward, but she looked a natural in her new role.

While Blackburn still had plenty of possessions, Sheridan blunted her influence as the Magpies held on to win by five points.

That set up Saturday's semi-final against Adelaide at Unley Oval in Adelaide.

The Sheridans are a sport-mad family - Aishling's Mum and three sisters also have played Gaelic football.

Sister Mona is also in Melbourne and will travel to Adelaide for the semi, while Aishling will be putting pressure on the rest of the family to visit if the Magpies can upset the Crows.

Speaking earlier this week, Sheridan was unsure whether she will have another tagging role against the Crows.

But she will be a little wiser for last Sunday's experience.

"I'd never really heard of tagging until I came to Australia, because we don't really play that way," Sheridan said.

"It definitely was a difficult task - Ellie Blackburn is a phenomenal player.

"It is stressful, I'm not going to lie ... you are worrying about a certain player.

"It's funny, I never get nervous for games. I remember before the game, that morning, I just went for a stroll and I could feel my heart rate racing."

There were plenty of nerves for all the Magpies late in the game, when the Bulldogs stormed back from nearly five goals down to nearly snatch the win.

Sheridan said they must be more consistent against the reigning premiers.

"I've always seen them as one of the most physical and well-rounded teams. They have such good players in every position - they're a brilliant team," she said of Adelaide.

"We have to focus on being able to finish a game and play four quarters, not just switched on for two."

Another lesson for Sheridan out of last Sunday is to watch out for the goal posts. She was nursing a sore neck post-match after cannoning into one.

"My knee is going one way, my ankle is going the other way and my head is saying 'hello' to the post - so it's definitely a funny picture," she said.