Sheffield United 1-4 Burnley: What Kompany said

Vincent Kompany spoke to BBC Match of the Day after Burnley's win against Sheffield United: "He [goalkeeper Muric] has made fine saves in every game. For us it is not an option top not back our players. We have been exposed to a very high level. We have to back the talent they do have. Today was a match-winning performance.

"The time they score their goal couldn't be worse and then you are looking to see if nerves will settle. We did what we had to do in the business end of the pitch.

"That is the urgency we have to bring to every game. We can look forward that every game we shouldn't have any fear and to go for it. This league is filled with difficult games. It will always be the toughest challenge.

"The main thing I care about is the team keeps going, that we play with no fear and we focus on our own development. This is where we get the results from - the fact we get better."