People Are Sharing The One Thing Their Ex Did To Make Them Break It Off, And Some Of These Are Literally Disgusting

Note: This article contains mention of sexual assault.

Recently, Reddit user u/bossindiangirlBIG came to Reddit to ask, "What did the person you were interested in do to completely make you lose interest?" and people had some verrrrrry varied answers. Let's get into it.

1."He was very attractive and nice and we had things in common. But he complained about everything: work, people he knew, food and service at restaurants, etc. Also when he drove, he would pulse the gas pedal instead of steadily holding it. It made for a jerky ride and was insanely annoying. We only dated for a month and I had to jump ship."

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2."He told me about his gambling problem. He only told me because he was losing his house."


3."I was on a second date with a guy who seemed really solid emotionally and who I was attracted to. After dinner we took a walk outside. Out of nowhere he turned his head and took the biggest spit ever. It hit a lady."

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4."She told me that the idea of intimacy with me made her nauseous."

From the TV show "Billions": two men look at a computer screen, and one says "That'll do it."

5."I went to her apartment and she had, like, five poster-size pictures of herself. She made me dinner and the chicken was seriously undercooked (still raw) and the frozen vegetables were served still-frozen. Then the icing on the cake (so to speak — there was no actual cake) was that she left the room and came back in wearing slippers that she mentioned she's 'had forever.' They smelled, from across the room, of funky feet."

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6."I kept seeing this guy around; I liked him, he was interesting. He took adventurous trips and was really good at telling stories about them. Finally, when we met at a party for about the 10th time, I found the courage to ask him if he had a girlfriend. His response: 'Yes... but that doesn't matter!'"

"He had that kind of look on his face that made me know what he wanted. I totally lost interest in him. Best thing that ever happened, because I think two weeks after that I started dating another guy. That guy has been my husband for six years now."


7."Litter. We were on a walk, things were going great, I was totally smitten, and then she threw her empty Starbucks cup in a bush. This turned me off and evoked an instant bad reaction, and I of course picked up the cup and threw it away in front of her while borderline insulting her character to her face."

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8."He was always disrespectful to his mom."


9."A long time ago, I started seeing a very rich person. I sent [them] a photo of a dinner I had ordered at a completely average restaurant in a completely average and popular neighborhood. [They sent] a reply saying 'if you ever took me out to eat there, I would never see you again.' Well, I indeed never saw the person again."

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10."She wasn't as supportive/serious as I wanted my partner to be. I had been looking for a job for about a month and finally got an interview. I texted her to let her know how excited I was, and she replied, stone-cold, with 'good job, u want a medal?' It really bummed me out, but I thought she was joking so I let it slide. I was wrong."

"She never congratulated me or anything. It turned me off and I eventually cut things off with her after a few more instances where she couldn't be serious and would throw snarky comments my way when I shared amazing news with her. Men don't hear a 'good job' or 'I'm proud of you,' often, if ever."


11."I remember I was being set up for a date by friends. In the chat beforehand, the guy (a stranger!) told me 'get used to birthing twins! There are a lot in my family.' I just left the chat, and there was no first date. Just yikes at that comment."

The twins from "The Shining."

12."When I Googled him from the restroom (armed with new info: his last name), I found newspaper articles about his time in prison. Statutory rape. Check, please!"


13."I was visiting my hometown and hung out with an old friend and a girl he worked with. It was a little flirty between her and myself, and then we all hung out at his place. While there, she stood up, said 'hey I got something for you,' and farted at me."

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14."She said she admired Mussolini on our second date."


15.And finally, "He was a really sweet guy. But he would sing the answers to questions. I would ask what time it is? And he would sing in like a show-tunes-type way, 'seven twenty-five! It’s seven twenty-five!' I couldn’t hang. He’s now married and seems super happy."


If you've ever been into somebody who's just done something sooo out of pocket that it totally turned you off, let us know in the comments. Whether it's funny or concerning, I want to hear it!

Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual assault, you can call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE, which routes the caller to their nearest sexual assault service provider. You can also search for your local center here.