Erykah Badu Pleaded For Jay-Z To "Say Somethin" After She Was Dragged — And I Mean, Dragged — By The Beyhive For Criticizing Beyoncé's "Cowboy Carter" Artwork

Erykah Badu is the latest celeb to feel the sting of the Beyhive after she made a shady post about Beyoncé's new album art.

Close-up of Erykah Badu wearing a headwrap with hanging chains over her face
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In case you missed it, yesterday, Beyoncé released an alternative cover for her upcoming album Cowboy Carter. In it, she poses nude with an "act ii BEYINCÉ" sash wrapped around her body with her hair in beaded braids and bangs.

A closeup of Beyoncé at an event wearing a large cowboy hat

Yes, "Beyincé" — it's her mother Tina Knowles's birth name.

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Erykah seemed to think the hairstyle closely resembled one she'd worn before because she reposted the image alongside a very shady "Hmmm."

A closeup of Erykah Badu on the red carpet with her hair in long braids and braided bangs
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And she immediately got called out on it.

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Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, one person called Erykah "such a hater." "Beyoncé has worn braids since the beginning of her career," they noted, adding, "Erykah does not own braids. As long as that hairstyle has been in the black community and you feel that someone wants to copy you? Sit down !!! If you’re jealous just say that."

Twitter: @miss_flawless4

"Like a bitch can’t wear a top hat, can’t wear some beads, can’t light an incense without Erykah Badu’s ass being shady with a 'hmm' or acting like she’s always The Source," another fan agreed.

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A third fan said they "seriously need Erykah Badu to have several window seats and get the fuck over it."

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While another called her "weird af."

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After backlash, Erykah took to X, pleading for Jay-Z — of all people LOL — to "say somethin" to call off the Hive. "You gone let this woman and these bees do this to me ??" she added alongside a laughing emoji.

Twitter: @fatbellybella

Although he didn't publicly respond to her, Bey's publicist, Yvette Noel-Schure, appears to have. She shared a collage on Instagram of Beyoncé in different hairstyles over the years, including braided bangs, showing she's definitely not new to this.

Closeup of Yvette and Beyoncé playfully posing for a photo
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Yvette also wrote, "She slays. She slays. Now. Then. Always," before seemingly throwing more shade with the hashtag "#criticswithoutcredentials."

Beyoncé in a beaded dress with intricate patterns, at the Lion King premiere rocking another braided hairstyle
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That's that on that! Anyway, be sure to stream Cowboy Carter. It's a Beyoncé album — not a country album — and it'll be available on March 29.