Shay Mitchell just got the viral jellyfish haircut and it’s so punk

shay mitchell at the baby2baby gala on the red carpet with her hair up and wearing a black off the shoulder gown
Shay Mitchell just got a trendy jellyfish haircutAmy Sussman - Getty Images

Shay Mitchell just confirmed one of the more unlikely hair predictions for 2024: the jellyfish haircut. The number of times this month I've been asked as a beauty journalist what this trending style is (ok two, it was two times), proves it's certainly being talked about. But whether anyone other than the most daring would be going in for the choppy mullet/bowl cut hybrid is undetermined. Searches for 'jellyfish haircut' are up 615% on Pinterest, but whether that was people looking for inspo, or to find out what one is... is yet to be seen.

Shay's take – the work of celebrity stylist Dimitris Giannetos – is a particularly spikey, punky approach to the trend. Worn with a wet look that only adds to both the punk and aquatic vibes. She's like a sexy rock mermaid.

She looks incredible. But can we really see the public adopting the bold trend? Well, Pinterest has a pretty stellar track record for using its data to predict trends. Tom Spratt, Head of Beauty at Pinterest UK says:

"Millions of people turn to Pinterest each month to find inspiration and shop their next beauty and hair looks, so we know what they’re planning to do and buy next - it’s a bit like having a crystal ball!"

And according to Tom and that crystal ball: "2024 it’s all about the jellyfish. If you're looking for an edgy, out-of-the-box style that's sure to grab people's attention, this hairstyle might just be for you."

You can count on the Cosmo beauty team to be hot on the tails tentacles of any more celebs who take on the look.

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