Sharon Stone Shares Brutal Response Studios Had To Her Idea For A 'Barbie' Movie

Sharon Stone was way ahead of her time when it came to being a Barbie girl in the film world.

The “Basic Instinct” actor shared how she tried to make a “Barbie” movie decades ago while celebrating America Ferrara’s recent Critics Choice Award on Instagram Monday.

“I was laughed out [of] the studio when I came [with] the ‘Barbie’ idea in the ’90s [with] the support of the head of Barbie,” Stone commented on a video of Ferrara’s acceptance speech.

“How far we’ve come,” she continued. “Thank you ladies for your courage and endurance.”

The success of last summer’s “Barbie” was preceded by several stunted attempts to make a film inspired by the iconic doll.

Sharon Stone revealed she once tried to make a
Sharon Stone revealed she once tried to make a

Sharon Stone revealed she once tried to make a "Barbie" movie while congratulating America Ferrara on the success of the 2023 blockbuster.

Amy Schumer and Anne Hathaway were both attached to Sony Pictures’ “Barbie” project at one point, but in 2018 Warner Bros snagged the moviemaking rights and began developing a Margot Robbie-fronted Mattel feature.

Director Greta Gerwig boarded the project in 2021 at Robbie’s behest and co-wrote the screenplay with partner Noah Baumbach.

Gerwig’s artistry got a special shoutout from Ferrara as she accepted her Critics Choice Award over the weekend.

In her speech, she thanked the “Ladybird” director “for proving through your incredible mastery as a filmmaker that women’s stories have no difficulty achieving cinematic greatness and box-office history at the same time, and that unabashedly telling female stories does not diminish your powers, it expands them.”