Sharon Osbourne says Ozzy 'was stoned on every episode' of “The Osbournes”

She also said her husband "never watched one episode" of the reality show

Sharon Osbourne is being brutally honest about how her husband Ozzy Osbourne really spent his time on their reality show, The Osbournes.

The TV personality is currently a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother in the U.K., and she spoke on a recent episode about the Black Sabbath rocker's love of marijuana during filming of their family's eponymous MTV series, which ran for four seasons from 2002-2005.

On Celebrity Big Brother, a contestant was talking about watching the series when Sharon said of Ozzy (via PEOPLE), "He was stoned on every episode."

<p>Ian West/PA Images via Getty</p>

Ian West/PA Images via Getty

"He was never sober," Sharon said, before adding that he's never watched their show, either. "He's never seen it, doesn't want to see it, and he never watched one episode."

The Osbournes have been open about Ozzy's marijuana use many times in the past. The husband-wife duo currently co-host The Osbournes Podcast, and in an episode last year, the topic came up when Sharon revealed that she once pooped in Ozzy's stash while they were on vacation to stop him from smoking. A different episode saw the musician sharing his stance on why he thinks the drug should be legalized.

As for the series The Osbournes, Ozzy has also said on the podcast that doing the reality show made him "a bit crazy at times."

“It’s so intrusive in your house,” he said. “At the time, I said I wanted a safe room where I could go and pick my nose and squeeze a zit if I want to without being on camera, and they had a f---ing camera in there. When you’ve got hidden cameras, you start to freak out.”

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