16 Sex Facts That Are Honestly Kinda Wild

1.If you have a Brazil nut allergy and have sex with someone who just ate Brazil nuts, you may develop an allergic reaction. Scientists discovered it to be the first known instance of a sexually transmitted allergic reaction.

nuts spilled out on the table
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2.Some male butterflies will mark female butterflies with a vile stench to detract them from other mates.

two butterflies
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3.Besides humans, there is one other animal who prefers to mate in private. It's the Arabian babbler.

the bird perched
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4.Ultraviolet radiation (exposure to sunlight) increases sex drive.

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5.In 2002, an intern at NASA stole $21 million worth of moon rocks, sprinkled them on a hotel bed, and had sex on them, which contaminated them making them unusable to study.

rocks in a bin
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6.A Galapagos tortoise named Diego had such a high sex drive, he's credited with saving his species from extinction by siring around 800 tortoises.

tortoise eating leaves
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7.Triple Crown winner American Pharoah's owners charge a $200,000 impregnation fee. The horse has sex three times a day, giving the owners $30,000,000 annually.

the horse getting his feet washed
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8.The first known artistic depiction of sex is 11,000 years old and was found in a cave in Israel.

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9.Female armadillos can choose when to get pregnant by delaying the implantation of an egg after having sex.

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10.The female brown trout will fake an orgasm if they're copulating with a genetically inferior male. The female will withhold the release of eggs while the male ejaculates and swims off none the wiser.

hands holding the fish an inch above water
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11.Scientists were able to tell if a woman recently had a vaginal orgasm with 81% accuracy based just on the way their hips moved when they walked.

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12.Tapirs have penises long enough to scratch their own backs. What's more is that a tapir's penis is prehensile, meaning it can grip like a monkey tail.

13.When a drone bee mates with the queen bee, it has an orgasm so powerful it can be heard by the human ear. Its genitals explode and it dies, leaving its penis inside the queen.

closeup of a bee in flight
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14.Pig orgasms can last 30 minutes.

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15.Bed bugs have no courting ritual. Instead, male bed bugs will stab females in the sides with their hypodermic penis and release semen into their body cavity.

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16.Finally, barnacles have the longest penis-to-body ratio with a penis eight times their body length.

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