Server slams customers who sat for 6 hours and tipped less than 20%: 'You owe [her] the cash she lost'

This server is calling out two customers after how they conducted themselves in her restaurant.

Restaurant worker Kristina Withers ranted about a couple who overstayed their welcome. The pair were at the restaurant before her shift started and stayed until close. The issue wasn’t really the length of time so much as what they did for the duration.

Her coworker initially served and cashed the couple out before Withers’ shift at 5:30 P.M. They then sat there without ordering anything until 7:00 P.M.

Around that time they asked Withers if they could order dinner and drinks again. They ordered three drinks and two taco plates. Then they stayed until 10:00 P.M.

“The best part though – the very best part — they didn’t even tip 20%,” Withers said.

She knows she provided excellent service because they were her only table that night so she had no one else to focus on. The server felt like it was a “joke” that they sat there for six hours, barely ordered anything and under-tipped.

“I know that I gave good service to them,” she said confidentially.

TikTokers showed their support for Withers in the comments.

“If you sit at a table that could have been turned over 3-4 times in the duration of your stay you owe the server the cash she lost out on. Period,” a user said.

“If I’m in a section for 6 hours I’d literally tip 200%” a TikToker replied.

“People don’t realize how much we could make by rotating tables,” someone added.

“I am so glad that we don’t have a tip culture in the UK,” another wrote.

“Who has that kind of time these days?” a person commented.

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