Serena Williams Says Playing Mixed Doubles with Andy Murray Was 'One of the Highlights of My Life'

Williams paid tribute to Murray as he prepares to retire at the end of the season

<p>Matthias Hangst/Getty</p> From Left: Andy Murray and Serena Williams playing mixed doubles in 2019

Matthias Hangst/Getty

From Left: Andy Murray and Serena Williams playing mixed doubles in 2019

Serena Williams is giving props to Andy Murray!

The tennis legend, 42, shared a heartfelt video tribute to Murray, 37, ahead of his retirement from the sport and amid an emotional farewell at Wimbledon this week.

Speaking directly to Murray in a video shared to X (formerly Twitter) on Friday, July 5, Williams reflected on Murray's "incredible career" and their experience playing doubles together five years ago.

"I have to say, I always enjoyed watching you. One of the main reasons, because you're one of the few players who would be more angry than me on the court, which is a very hard thing to do," Williams said, before laughing. "And it may have been a little — an attitude just like mine, let's just say."

"But to me it was the most exciting thing to watch. And I had the pleasure of playing mixed doubles next to you, by your side, which was such a fantastic experience to do that at Wimbledon nonetheless," she added, referring to their experience playing together at Wimbledon in 2019. "And it was really one of the highlights of my life. So I'm just so grateful that I had that experience."

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Williams then shared that Murray holds a "special place" in her heart because of not only his athleticism, but his advocacy for women in the sport.

"You always speak out so much for women and everything that women deserve," Williams said. "You were the leader in that. The things you spoke up about on, the things you said about myself and Venus [Williams] — so many things about how we were so inspiring, what we meant to you, it really went such a long way in my heart and I will always be grateful for that."

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After listing off some of Murray's many accolades — including his 2013 and 2016 Wimbledon victories and two Olympic gold medals — Williams said she "truly enjoyed" watching him play.

"I've always been such a fan, as you are, you know," she concluded. "I will always be cheering for you and rooting you on in whatever you decide to do next. So congratulations on such an amazing career."

<p>Alex Pantling/Getty</p> From Left: Serena Williams and Andy Murray in July 2019

Alex Pantling/Getty

From Left: Serena Williams and Andy Murray in July 2019

Williams' message comes just a day after Murray and his brother, Jamie, lost their men's double match during one of his final matches at Wimbledon. After a tribute featuring highlights from his career, the athlete told British journalist Sue Barker that he "would love to keep playing but I can't."

"Physically it's just too tough now," he said. "All of the injuries have added up and like I said they haven't been insignificant."

"I want to play forever. I love this sport," Murray continued. "It's given me so much, taught me loads of lessons over the years that I can use for the rest of my life. I don't want to stop so it is hard."

Per ESPN, the tennis star had a cyst removed from his spine on June 22, and has faced other health issues over the years. His injuries forced him to withdraw from this year's men's singles tournament on Tuesday, and he will next play mixed doubles with Emma Raducanu on Saturday, July 6.

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