What is the Sept. 1 manifestation TikTok trend? Why is Doja Cat involved?

No one knows why Doja Cat’s name is attached to the Sept. 1 manifestation trend on TikTok.

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People on social media are always trying to use astrology or numerology to manifest their desires. But this time around, the “Kiss Me More” artist is involved for some reason. Here’s why TikTokers can’t stop talking about the Sept. 1 manifestation trend and Doja Cat.

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What is the Sept. 1 TikTok manifestation trend?

The trend began when some on the app said that if you use the TikTok sound “Beach Waves Sounds – Ocean Sounds, Sea Waves Sounds and Ocean Wave” to create a video, you’ll receive $3,111 by Sept. 1.

There are now over 2.1 million views associated with the sound, and the hashtag #3111 has over 13 million views. The trouble is that no one really knows what Doja Cat has to do with anything despite users endlessly mentioning her in their manifestation video. But TikTok is known for its ironic sense of humor and frivolous trolling, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if it was just a silly joke.

“Doja Cat manifested that everyone who uses this sound before August 31 will receive $3,111. Obvi we not skipping it bc I’m superstitious af,” @liddylitt_ explained in a TikTok.

“All I know is I don’t wanna wake up on September 1st and say ‘d*** I shouldn’t have ignored my girl Doja like that,'” @emilynanthony said in a video using the sound.

“Me and my oranges looking at everyone who ignored Doja and this sound,” @jaiyabanks said in a video.

The user @madelynsinkevicius went viral with over 6 million views after she claimed she received $3,000 via Zelle and $111 in tips the night before.

“Doja cat stop playing with me right now,” she wrote. “I’m shaking.”

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