Who is Selling The OC's Brandi's husband, Sean Marshall?

selling the oc brandi husband sean marshall
Who is Selling The OC's Brandi's husband?Jeff Kravitz - Getty Images

Selling The OC is back on Netflix for its second season and we meet The Oppenheim Group’s Orange County team again for more drama, romances and, of course, real estate.

This series, there's even more agents who are fighting to close their deals and ring that coveted bell, including Brandi Marshall. The agent and mother of two has well and truly shaken things up in the office this season, and fans want to know more about who her husband is.

So, who is Brandi's husband, Sean Marshall? Here is everything we know about him and their relationship.

Who is Selling The OC's Brandi's husband?

Brandi's husband is Sean Marshall, 38, an entrepreneur and former professional basketball player, who played in Turkey, Japan, the US and more. He played for 13 years before retiring from the sport.

“My wife has always been there for me during my basketball career, taking pictures of me with fans and kind of standing back,” Marshall told Boston College Magazine. “Now, the roles are reversed. I’m the person holding the camera in the back, and I love it.”

He's also the founder of Pro’s Vision, which helps aspiring NBA players and is the creator of Team Challenge ALS, which raises money to help cure the neurodegenerative disease.

Plus, he even makes a quick appearance in season two of Selling The OC! We guess he can add reality TV star to his CV.

How long has Selling The OC's Brandi been married?

Brandi and Sean reportedly met all the way back in school when they were both living in California, then, they reconnected in their adult years and tied the knot in June 2015.

"I was a single mum when I met my husband, Sean," Brandi said in series two. "I'm so blessed that he accepts Autumn as his own. I didn't have any plans on meeting a husband... it was a nice surprise that he came into our lives and I think we have a beautiful family."

Now, they have been married for just over seven years. Too cute!

How many children does Selling The OC's Brandi have?

Brandi has one daughter, Autumn, from a previous relationship and her and Sean have one young son who features in the series. Adorable!

Selling The OC is streaming on Netflix now.

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