Selangor United aims to return back to its roots in 2020

If all goes well, Selangor United will be playing their 2020 Premier League football back in the home comforts of Sungai Besar, Sabak Bernam.

Selayang Stadium is the current designated home stadium for Selangor United this season where they managed to finish 9th in the Premier League, staying well clear of relegation despite this being their first season being promoted to the second tier of Malaysian football.

However the lure of returning home is proving too hard to resist as the club seeks to relocated for next season. Club president Firdaus Mohamed is eyeing a move back to Sungai Besar Stadium, a venue used when they were competing in the FAM Cup back in 2018.

“We will not grow without fans therefore we want to relook at the 2018 approach when we were playing at Sungai Besar in the FAM Cup. The support from the Sabak Bernam community gave a lot of motivation to the team at that time and we are considering moving back to Sungai Besar for the 2020 season.

“In fact MFL has also promised to help improve small clubs like us especially when it comes to upgrading stadiums and this is a good development for all teams with the same ambition. If we switch venues, we want to help the Sabak Bernam community who constantly crave for football related activities. Whenever there’s a M-League match, it goes some way to create an impact among the folks of Sabak Bernam to be present and involved," said Firdaus.

Next season will also be a fresh start for the tiny club as they will not only be re-establishing themselves geographically but also from a financial standpoint. Selangor state governement have already informed them that Selangor United will have to find their own income if they want to continue to compete next season and Firdaus is already making plans for that.

“From the start of 2020, we will no longer be receiving funds from the government or anyone. So I’ve held meetings with Kevin Ramalingam and was attracted by some of things mentioned. I’ve also done research on what’s happening in Japan, particularly on the club that Hadi Fayyadh is playing as they managed to get 30-40 small scale sponsors on their own.

“So I think the suggestions will be relevant when we move to Sungai Besar and I’m thankful to MFL for understanding their help towards clubs like us," he added.


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