You *have* to see Dakota Fanning with candyfloss pink hair

dakota fanning poses in black lace dress on red carpet
Dakota Fanning just got candy pink hairEmma McIntyre - Getty Images

Dakota Fanning with pink hair wasn't on our 2024 bingo card, but we're not mad at it. While we expected to see the hue popping up after Kylie Jenner debuted candy pink hair in what was instantly heralded as the return of her King Kylie era, Dakota wouldn't have been the first to jump to mind.

In a new Marc Jacobs campaign shared on IG by i-D's chief creative officer and editor-in-chief Alistair Mckimm, Dakota is sporting a grunge take on a soft peachy pink hue, worn long and wavy with a dark dirty root. It's giving fashun.

It's such a transformation from the sleek, clean blonde look we're accustomed to. And although it took us by surprise, it's not actually Dakota's first foray into pink hair, having had pink lowlights in the underside of her tresses way back in 2013.

dakota fanning in 2013 wearing a black blazer with blonde and pink hair
sporting pink lowlights in 2013Mike Pont - Getty Images

Pink is set to make its unexpected mark on 2024 hair trends since Kylie exploded search for it. Analysis of Google search data showed searches for ‘pink hair dye' increased by 1,443% worldwide after Kylie debuted it. But we expect that may spread to other colours too. Lila Moss was sporting a grey purple in the same campaign and it's a hue we think has a lot of potential to go viral too.

Just as 'quiet luxury' and 'clean girl' aesthetics are getting the boot for the more kitsch, maximalist 'mob wife' aesthetic, we're expecting the dial to swing back to statement hair too.

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