You need to see Cardi B peeling off her stunning alien-skin makeup

cardi b with thigh length straight black hair a red and white dress and heavy diamond jewellery
You need to see Cardi B peeling off her alien skinShareif Ziyadat - Getty Images

My American cousin Belcalis just released new cover artwork in which she recreated Pat McGrath's historic Maison Margiela 'porcelain glass skin' fashion week glam. That instantly iconic Aunty Pat makeup look had the internet in meltdown trying to crack how she did it, and it catapulted catwalk beauty into the mainstream in a way that's so rare now. We're not surprised that Cardi B is into it.

It was pretty impossible to miss, but just in case. A press release from Pat McGrath at the time described the revolutionary look as; “A modern take on porcelain glass skin,” explaining; “Skin is coated in a hyper-shiny glaze, mimicking the smooth, reflective quality of glass.” And it was this alien meets doll look that Cardi has chosen for the cover artwork for her new single Miami.

It was recreated by Cardi's key MUA Erika la' Pearl , with Pat herself sharing a clip we can't stop watching of the skin's coating peeling satisfyingly peeled away and leaving the makeup underneath.

Pat wrote in the caption; "CAPTIVATING CARDI✨🌟✨ Thank you to major #MUA @erika_lapearl_mua for the divine @maisonmargiela Artisanal 2024 recreation on @iamcardib! This cover is so ICONIC and I can’t wait to listen to “Enough (Miami)” this Friday. Sending love xx Pat"

We're not just obsessed with the look, but also this love-in between these two greats. What we wouldn't give to spend a couple of hours kiki-ing in the salon with this duo.

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