Security mistakes drag queen for real Lady Gaga at Chromatica Ball: 'Such a high compliment'

No one believed this drag queen wasn’t the real Lady Gaga — and at a Lady Gaga concert, no less.

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Penelopy Jean is a drag queen and Lady Gaga impersonator. The queen attended a show from the “Hold My Hand” singer’s Chromatica Ball world tour in full Lady Gaga drag. The only trouble was Penelopy Jean’s drag was a little too convincing. Even security was fooled!

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“The moment when security realized I was not Lady Gaga,” the drag queen wrote in the caption.

A crowd of people surrounded Penelopy Jean, who was donning a blonde wig, black leather outfit and heels. What really sold the look was the microphone earpiece (sure to complete any pop star’s look).

As Penelopy Jean made her way out an exit of the Chromatica Ball, fans swarmed her, mistaking her for Gaga. What’s funniest of all is that she was able to fool the security guard, who was happy to escort the drag queen through the sea of fans.

After Penelopy Jean shouted she was a drag queen a few times, people began to realize that it wasn’t the real Lady Gaga. The security guard looked baffled.

“Actually at certain moment there was five securities around me, but they were realizing I think,” Penelopy Jean said in the comments.

She also explained that she considered seeing if she could get any perks posing as Gaga, but “when I was in the middle of the crowd it started getting scary… too many people thinking I was really Gaga.” Instead, she just diffused the situation by telling the truth.

The video racked up 17 million views and 2.7 million likes on TikTok.

“No, I mean, I thought that was simply Lady Gaga saying the she’s a drag queen. Made sense in my head,” a user replied.

“The security’s face is killing me,” a person said.

“The security looking like he lost the real Lady Gaga and knows he about to be fired,” another wrote.

“Never mind the fact that IRL Gaga is 5 feet tall,” someone commented.

“Security gave u such a high compliment without realizing,” a TikToker added.

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