'Secret lover' makes devastating revelation after football star's death

After the tragic death of football star Emiliano Sala, ex-partner Berenice Schkair was among those lamenting the tragedy.

After two weeks, Sala’s body was recovered among the wreckage of the plane, which was discovered on a private exploration.

Now, a Brazilian volleyball player claiming to be Sala’s girlfriend has expressed her heartbreak.

Luiza Ungerer said she had a secret romance with the Argentine footballer.

Sala’s body was found in the wreckage. Image: AFP/Instagram

Ungerer confessed to Brazilian newspaper ‘O Globo’, that she had maintained a relationship with Sala.

They had contact through social networks in 2017, when they both played in France.

Sala was with French club Nantes while Ungerer played for the women’s volleyball team of the same club.

They started a relationship. She attended their games, they met their families, and just a week before the disappearance of the plane, they had celebrated her 31st birthday.

Ungerer made the devastating revelation that she held out hope Sala would be found alive after his plane disappeared.

“I always had hope, because in those hours you have to,” she said.

“I had it until the moment they announced they found a body.

“But at the same time, he thought: ‘I hope it’s him’.”

Sala and Ungerer. Image: Instagram

“There was a lot of anguish, of not knowing where the plane is, and of not knowing what was going to happen, where the searches should not have stopped.

“Every day was distressing.”

When Sala’s body was recovered, she wrote an emotional message on his social networks: “I’m going to love you forever!”

Ungerer also said he was happy to be joining Cardiff, and that it was the Argentine’s dream to play in the Premier League, which he considered the best league in the world.

Sala in action for Nantes. Image: Getty

Ungerer, who is now a player of the Beziers Angels of France, said that the last time she exchanged messages with Sala was the day of the fateful flight.

Via Yahoo Deportes