Secondhand couch is completely different color after woman brings it home

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A woman swears a secondhand couch changed colors after she bought it from a thrift store.

TikToker @zzandria was stunned when she purchased one couch and seemed to get another. While at the store, the suede sofa looked green, but at home, it looked brown. It was definitely the same couch, so what gives? The creator fielded TikTok for answers.

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“This couch was literally green at the thrift store and I brought it home and its??? Brown?” the video text read.

Lo and behold, it was an entirely accurate description. A photo of the secondhand couch at the store made it appear an earthy olive green, but a photo of the couch at her house made it appear tan.

“I need help how do I make it look green? Im so upset I spent $60,” she added in the caption.

The video racked up 5.8 million views on TikTok. People shared their suggestions on how to handle the situation.

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“Repeat after me, yellow light is not natural light and it needs to stop being the main in homes. Try white light it’ll fix it,” someone commented.

“One time I bought a bunch of blue vases for my sisters wedding & I got them home & they were purple,” another said.

“Whiter lighting and perhaps a white rug? The browns and yellows in the floor and wall are toning it down,” someone added.

“Add more green to the room because the wall and flooring make the couch look browner,” a user suggested.

“I saw a grey couch at the furniture store… bought it & it’s navy blue in my house,” a TikToker replied.

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