Croc attack ruled out in radio show host search

A three-metre crocodile has been sighted near where a former Sydney radio host went missing in Queensland but it's not thought responsible for the man's disappearance.

Police have ruled out a croc attack after suspending the search for ex-2GB presenter Roman "Butch" Butchaski in remote far north Queensland.

Emergency services, SES volunteers and locals have been looking for the 76-year-old for seven days near Cape York's Olive River.

An extensive land and air search was launched when the popular former fishing show host did not return to his camping ground at Bramwell Station on November 12.

He had left earlier that day to go on a solo fishing trip at Olive River, about 900km north of Cairns.

"That search was very comprehensive around the Olive River and surrounding bushland - we have found no sign of the missing person," Senior Sergeant Ed Lukin told reporters on Wednesday.

The all-terrain vehicle (ATV) that Mr Butchaski had borrowed to travel to Olive River was located, with a crocodile spotted nearby.

"There was a three-metre crocodile seen close to the ATV however there is no indication that that animal was involved in an attack on the missing person," Sen Sgt Lukin said.

"It is my understanding that croc will not be targeted (for removal)."

A fishing rod and an esky with food and water bottles were located in the ATV, but no sign of Mr Butchaski who reportedly told friends he intended to walk along the riverbank casting lures.

Wildlife officers were flown in from Cairns and Townsville to support police and ensure everyone's safety during the search, describing Olive River as "known croc country".

But Sen Sgt Lukin said wildlife officers did not believe a crocodile was involved in Mr Butchaski's disappearance.

"I have worked with them on a number of croc attacks, they are extremely good at what they do," he said.

"They are confident that a croc is not involved...and I am happy with that assumption."

Crocodile stock
A crocodile attack has been ruled out in the disappearance of a former Sydney radio host.

Locals had also provided "invaluable assistance" in the huge search which featured helicopter support, emergency services and extra SES volunteers who were flown into the remote area last week to replace fatigued crews.

After seven days, police suspended the search on Sunday.

However Sen Sgt Lukin said officers intended to go back and visit the site at some stage next week.

Mr Butchaski was an experienced angler and had been to Cape York several times.

The former radio host's brother Oleh Butchaski said his sibling may be somewhere in the rugged Olive River bushland.

"It's a semi-tropical's quite easy to get lost there," he told Seven News.