Scott Drinkwater sin-binned after huge hit on Corey Oates

North Queensland Cowboys fullback Scott Drinkwater is likely to face the NRL judiciary after this hit on Brisbane's Corey Oates. CREDIT: Channel 9/Wide World of Sports

Video transcript

- We on? OK, decision's under review. Potential grounding, and we're gonna clear the contact by Scott Drinkwater.

- And when you guys saw it go in, obviously, are we thinking sin bin, send someone [INAUDIBLE]?

- So there's plenty to dissect here. First, it's this--

- Wow.

- --contact. That's in direct contact with Corey Oates's head from Drinkwater. Corey Oates, as you can see on your screen there, he's traveling up the tunnel to be checked out by the medical staff.