Scotland 1-1 Switzerland: Manager reaction

Scotland head coach Steve Clarke
[PA Media]

Scotland head coach Steve Clarke: "It was nice to see them. We didn't turn up in the first game. We're a good team when we play.

"We didn't get on the front foot at all against Germany. We sat back too much. Tonight we were determined to make sure we went pressing, went after the ball.

"We played two of the players a little bit higher up the pitch to try and get that early press and it worked tonight against a very good Switzerland team.

"Heart-breaking moment [for Anthony Ralston at the Switzerland goal] but it happens in football. If it falls to any other Swiss player, I don't think they score. If it falls to Xherdan Shaqiri, you know where the ball's going to end up. We get harshly punished for a small mistake but we responded.

"We stayed in the game, we worked hard, we created our own chances. Switzerland are a good team, they created their chances.

"We always knew that the points we require would come from these two games. We've got one point now, that means we have a chance going into the last game [against Hungary] to get three points.

"I believe if we get those three points, we go to the next stage."