Sci-fi fans meet their heroes at Wiltshire REME museum

A replica of a Dalek from Dr Who
Stars from Doctor Who, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Blackadder and more attended the Sci-fi event

Science fiction fans have been meeting their favourite film and TV heroes at a special event.

The Sci-Fi Day was hosted at the Royal Electrical And Mechanical Engineers (REME) museum at Lyneham in Wiltshire.

Fans marvelled at the "real-life" creatures and movie memorabilia from franchises such as Star Wars and Doctor Who.

Special celebrity guests attended the event to sign autographs and take photos with fans.

The event opened at 10:00 BST, with sci-fi and cosplay enthusiasts encouraged to attend dressed as their favourite characters.

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Paul Blake standing in front of a Greedo picture
Paul Blake played the galactic bounty hunter Greedo in Star Wars

One of the celebrity guests was Paul Blake, who played the galactic bounty hunter Greedo in Star Wars.

Blake said he grew up alongside Star Wars super-fans.

"Fans got to know more than we did," he said.

"They used to come along to various conventions and we learnt a lot from them - and we still do to this day."

The robot T1FNY
T-1-FNY, a replica of the T1 robot from The Terminator movie franchise, built by Podpad Studios

Husband-and-wife duo Anna and Mark Enright run the family run business Podpad, which is based in Swindon.

They create props for film and television, but also have a collection of their own props they take to events.

Mr Enright said he had wanted to build a replica of the T1 robot from The Terminator movie for years, so he contacted the creators of the original robot, who gave them tips on how to create a replica.

"Our T-1-FNY is a little different in that she's got very modern technology in her. She uses object recognition, she uses machine learning," said Mr Enright.

Three siblings standing next to eachother
(l-r) Rihanna, 13, Lily, 19, and their brother Ryan

Lily, who dressed as a Clockwork Droid from Dr Who holds a Guinness world record for owning over 6,000 pieces of individual items of Dr Who memorabilia.

"As soon as I saw the show I just fell in love with it. I collected a few pieces when I was younger and then I started taking it more seriously when I was 11," Lily said.

Her 13-year-old sister Rihanna also holds a record, for the biggest collection of Shopkins memorabilia.

A young boy sitting with
The event attracted people of all ages

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