School sports team lifts car to free trapped passengers

A group of high school footballers from Idaho have been hailed as heroes after they rescued two people from an overturned car.

The Boise Black Knights were headed home on Tuesday after winning a championship in California when a car rolled over in front of their vans on a highway south of Jordan Valley, Oregon.

Coach Rudy Jackson told the Idaho Statesman that his team, made up of youths 13 and under, ”had to stop and become heroes.”

The team pulled a man out who was trapped and pushed the car on its side to raise it for another player to grab a woman stuck inside.

The Boise football team lifts a car to save the passengers. Pic: KGW8

Jackson says the team ”got out of the car like they were supposed to do that…it’s a great bunch of kids.”

It was the highlight moment of the trip for the Black Knights, who also defeated the defending national champions 34-6 at the Tournament of Champions.

Coach Jackson said his team couldn’t be prouder.

“There was a lot of hugging and crying, everybody’s hard work came full circle,” Jackson said.

Less than 24 hours later, they were faced with an even bigger task.

“I knew that the whole team with us, I knew we had an amazing chance to get her out,” Knights player Esai Martinez told KGW8.

“The whole team was there, so we could do it.”

“It was heavy, it was hard.

“Even though we had everybody, I think it helped that we had everybody, it was really heavy.”

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