Chloe Fineman, Timothée Chalamet, And "Saturday Night Live" Made Fun Of Britney Spears And Other Celebrities, And There's A Lot Of Mixed Reactions

After a new sketch parodying the pop star, Saturday Night Live may be in hot water with Britney Spears's fans.

Screenshot from "SNL"

Last night, Timothée Chalamet hosted SNL, which would've been a great opportunity to promote the second installment of Dune. Unfortunately, the SAG-AFTRA strike pushed the release date of the sci-fi epic to March 15, 2024. Luckily, Timothée still has Wonka, which hits theaters next month.

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While Timothée did a fair job hosting the weekend sketch comedy show, people couldn't stop talking about one particular sketch, which took a few jabs at Timothée. However, according to fans, they took a major swing at Britney's new memoir, The Woman in Me.

Screenshot from "SNL"

The sketch featured Chloe Fineman, known for her impressions of Drew Barrymore, Nicole Kidman, and Britney. She's portrayed Britney before as seen in this April 2022 episode.

Chloe Fineman impersonating Britney Spears
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For the memoir's audiobook, Britney only read the forward while the rest of the book was read by actor Michelle Williams. In the sketch, Chloe's fake Britney teases that Michelle wasn't the only one who wanted to read the book, and SNL pulls out every celebrity impression you could think of.

Screenshot from "SNL"

Seriously, a lot of celebrities catch some strays.


Here's Heidi Gardner as Allison Janney:

Screenshot from "SNL"

Timothée as Martin Scorsese:

"Who's saying action?"

Sarah Sherman as Dame Maggie Smith:

Screenshot from "SNL"

Mikey Day as Steve-O:

Screenshot from "SNL"

Ego Nwodim as Jada Pinkett Smith:

Ego Nwodim as Jada Pinkett Smith

Molly Kearney as Kevin James:

"(just vibes)"

Chloe as Natasha Lyonne:

Screenshot from "SNL"

And Chloe again, as Julia Fox:

"My whole world collapsed."

People quickly noticed that the lines read during Julia Fox's parody were not from the book. They were from a joke posted by a user on X (formally known as Twitter), which I might have attributed to backlash toward the sketch.

Screenshot of a tweet

Fans began to question whether or not the jokes about Britney and her memoir were funny or just in poor taste. Here's what some of the mixed reactions are saying:

There are a lot of people who found the joke "distasteful" or "disrespectful."

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"when will the world ever fully aware that women's trauma is NOT and will never be appropriate for entertainment???"

Twitter: @arianaunext

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"So disrespectful."

Twitter: @CalIMeDon

Some people took this as an opportunity to criticize the entire program and its comedy.

Twitter: @michelmikey17

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And others found the segment "actually funny" and not offensive.

Twitter: @urbanzosf

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What do you think about SNL's parody of Britney Spears's The Woman in Me? Was it funny, or did it go too far?

Watch the full sketch of "The Woman in Me: Auditions" here.

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