Sarah Jessica Parker’s Meghan Markle connection, surprisingly simple skincare secrets and why she’s not rushing to get Botox anytime soon

 SJP has had enough of talking about ageing .
SJP has had enough of talking about ageing .

Sarah Jessica Parker would very much like to stop being asked about ageing.

Most famous for playing Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, SJP has been on our screens since the 1990s – and with the continued success of spin-off And Just Like That, she’s likely going to be sticking around for some time more.

And because of that, she’s getting mightily fed up with people focusing on her changing looks as she ages – a natural process everyone goes through, after all.

The Emmy winner explained in a new interview with the Guardian that her annoyance with the topic is more about how it’s only levied towards women.

sarah jessica parker
sarah jessica parker

She said, “I am so confused by the fact that the majority of men my age are simply never asked about ageing. We all wake up, have a million things going on, and just need to get on with our days – I just don’t understand the emphasis that is placed on the pondering of ageing.”

She’s not wrong – and it does sound frustrating (which could be why the star swears by this lavender spray to get some good sleep each night and leave the frustrations behind).

While she’s more than happy to try out the new treatments to enhance her appearance – she is quoted as being a fan of Sofwave (the ultrasound skin-tightening treatment) and glycolic peels at the dermatologist – SJP also got frank about why she won’t be booking Botox anytime soon.

“I can’t speak for other people, and I’m not opposed to anyone doing anything. It’s just not something I choose to do.”

Sarah Jessica Parker isn't a fan of Botox - but agrees that people should feel free to do as they choose
Sarah Jessica Parker isn't a fan of Botox - but agrees that people should feel free to do as they choose

“Also, I’m an actor – I have to move my eyebrows. I’m meant to be sharing emotion and communicating with my face, which, for me, needs to move. Also, my husband would be like, ‘Huh?’ This is just how I feel for me, and absolutely doesn’t mean the same applies for someone else. We are all different and I love that about women.”

“People must choose to do what they want, and find a way that makes them feel better when they walk out of the door.”

So, we know injectables are off the table. But does the famous fashionista have any tips for daily skicare?

It might come as surprising, but she swears by simple – and affordable.

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“It has to be basic and effective. My regime is literally a day cream with SPF, maybe a serum and a night cream. That’s it. And even better if it doesn’t cost lots of dollars.”

A product listed as one of her go-to skin savers is Roc Multi Correxion Hydrate & Plump SPF30 – and it’s super affordable at less than £30!

As for the Meghan Markle connection? The two share tastes in hairdressers!

To keep her looking interview ready, SJP goes to Serge Normant – the same stylist who the Duchess of Sussex used to look her best on her wedding day.