Was Sancho move Ten Hag's 'last resort'?

Rio Ferdinand
Rio Ferdinand

Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live about Jadon Sancho's future at the club: "I think it's a sticky situation for everyone at the club - another saga.

"The club's been in the news for the wrong reasons. For the last couple of years it's one thing after another.

"My big thing with this is things like this can be done behind closed doors. The manager went public with it. If he wants to keep a player engaged it's different.

"We've seen in the past managers - Jose Mourinho called out Luke Shaw and Shaw responds after Mourinho has left.

"I think the manager going public, what was his reasons why? Has he exhausted every other avenue to try and get the best from Sancho and thought 'this is my last resort If I get the response I want we could have a £90m player at his top level'?

"Jadon has not been happy with how things have been dealt with. I just don't see the situation ending where we see Sancho playing.

"If he doesn't apologise, that is what we are led to believe the manager wants him to apologise. If Jadon doesn't apologise then he doesn't play, simple as that.

"We don't know all the details. There may be things we are not privy to that mean the manager wants an apology.

"If I was in this situation and a manager called me out, my first thought would be to ram it down his throat by going in and working hard and making him understand I am a top player."

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