I Am Absolutely Bawling At Sabrina Carpenter Playing A Video Of 9-Year-Old Her Singing To Taylor Swift At The Eras Tour Last Night

Last night, Sabrina Carpenter kicked off her run as the opener for Taylor Swift's Eras Tour in the first of four sold out nights in Mexico City.

Personally, I am adding this shirt to my cart ASAP.

To open her set, which marked Taylor's first international show of the Eras Tour, Sabrina paid homage to Taylor's only ~era~ that doesn't get a proper moment during the tour: her debut era.

  Hector Vivas / Getty Images for TAS Rights Management
Hector Vivas / Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

Sabrina decided to remind us all that she is, in fact, an original Swiftie, and you know what? We love to see it!

Sabrina raises her arms on stage
Hector Vivas / Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

Before taking the stage, Sabrina played a snippet of her singing "Picture to Burn" from Taylor's self-titled album. She was only 9 years old when she covered the song and, TBH, she slayed.

SABRINAAAAA!!! #MexicoCityTSTheErasTour

— itzel 24/08 (@mistakechalamet) August 25, 2023

Twitter: @mistakechalamet

You can watch the full video of her cover here:

To make this whole thing 10 times more heartwarming, fans have also uncovered some of Sabrina's old tweets about Taylor, and I think it's safe to say last night was a biiiiig full circle moment for her:

who’s gonna tell her she opens for taylor today

— eve (@MQNALlSA) August 24, 2023

Twitter: @MQNALlSA

Sabrina's original tweet here is from 2010...oh, girl if you only knew!!!!

I Love everything about Taylor Swift. #Swifty

— Sabrina Carpenter (@SabrinaAnnLynn) August 14, 2012

Twitter: @SabrinaAnnLynn

There are, like, tons of them, and they're adorable! You can see them all here.

Personally, I absolutely stan this friendship and it warms my heart to see lil' baby Swiftie Sabrina up there 14 years later. It's what she deserves!! Here's to her having an incredible Eras Tour run and even more sweet Sabrina and Taylor moments!

  Kevin Winter / Getty Images
Kevin Winter / Getty Images