Ryan Shawcross talks about developing his coaching career

Stoke City U21s Assistant Manager Ryan Shawcross.
Stoke City U21s Assistant Manager Ryan Shawcross.

Former Stoke City captain Ryan Shawcross returned to the club as an U18s Academy Coach last year, but he's since progressed to U21s Assistant Manager, working alongside Alex Morris.

Speaking to BBC Radio Stoke's Lucas Yeomans, the 36-year-old has opened up on his coaching career from his first role at Inter Miami to developing his skill set at Clayton Wood:

"My first taste in Miami of coaching, we loved it out there. When I came back, I wanted a bit of time off, but then the opportunity came up and I jumped at it. It's a club I know and I knew it was a good place to learn.

"I get on really well with Gareth Owen. He's a bit of a mentor along with Alex because of their experience in the game and what they've done. I found it a really good platform to get better and I feel like I've improved massively."

After taking full charge of the recent Staffordshire Senior Cup semi-final, Shawcross added:

"That's where I want to go. That opportunity to lead the group, it's something that I really enjoy and we've had a few victories although we haven't played particularly well. It's something that hopefully in the long run, I can do full-time."