Ryan Gosling's new movie lands fresh Rotten Tomatoes rating

ryan gosling, the fall guy official trailer
Ryan Gosling's movie lands Rotten Tomatoes ratingUniversal

Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt's new movie, The Fall Guy, has landed a strong score on Rotten Tomatoes after its first critic reviews.

Inspired by an '80s TV show of the same name, The Fall Guy stars Gosling as "seasoned but aging" stuntman Colt Seavers, who finds himself playing the leading role in his ex-girlfriend Jody's (Blunt) debut film after the original actor disappears.

As the film's director (Ted Lasso's Hannah Waddingham) attempts to hide the news of the vanishing star, Colt performs the most outrageous stunts to win over Jody. Aaron Taylor Johnson, Winston Duke and Stephanie Hsu also star.

Ahead of its rescheduled release on May 3, the movie has received a positive response from critics, and it currently sits at 94% on the review aggregator site after 18 reviews.

the fall guy official trailer
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Critics have praised Blunt and Gosling as the film's leads, as well as the work of director David Leitch (Bullet Train, Atomic Blonde).

Here's what the reviews have been saying.

Rolling Stone

"The Fall Guy feels indistinguishable from the dozens of other action films. And then Gosling and Blunt start flirting and fighting and verbally feinting with each other, and you feel like you're floating an inch above your seat."

The Guardian

"Two hours of zingers with impeccable timing, two bona fide movie stars with palpable chemistry, several enjoyably meta send-ups of the business and, of course, plenty of crazy stunts."

ryan gosling, the fall guy official trailer

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The Hollywood Reporter

"Leitch's expertise and appreciation for stuntmen adds an endearing layer to the enjoyment of The Fall Guy ... The director indulges in major and minor stunts ... In each of these moments, Leitch strikes a balance of showmanship and mechanics."


"The Fall Guy is funny, it's sexy, and it features the boy's-toy version of Barbie scene-stealer Ryan Gosling – which is to say ... he embodies the ultimate action figure."


"Maybe the most surprising thing about The Fall Guy is how genuinely romantic it is. Blunt and Gosling have splendid chemistry – the kind of onscreen magnetism shared by people who are not just insanely hot but also simply know how to look at each other."

The Fall Guy hits cinemas on May 3, 2024.

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