Ryan, 2016 MVP, announces retirement aged 38

Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan, who was named the NFL's most valuable player in 2016, has announced his retirement aged 38.

The quarterback, who played for the Atlanta Falcons and the Indianapolis Colts, called his 16-year career "a hell of a ride".

"I'm honored to retire as a Falcon. You have no control in this profession in where you start. I am so lucky that my start and my finish was here in Atlanta," said Ryan.

"Through the highs and the lows I always felt your energy and passion. I want you to know that every day I felt the responsibility to give you the best version of myself."

He was drafted third overall by the Falcons in 2008, took them to the play-offs on six occasions and to the Super Bowl in 2017.

Falcons led 28-3 but ended up losing 34-28 to the New England Patriots.

Speaking about that defeat on Monday, Ryan said: "It hurts. I think that's one of the things that always a part of you. That falling short of what you ultimately set out to do, but that's life."

Ryan signed a one-day deal with the Falcons last season, after being traded to the Colts in 2022, so that he could retire with the Atlanta side.

Ryan, who played in the all-star Pro Bowl four times, retires with 62,792 passing yards, 381 touchdowns and 183 interceptions.