Russian broadcaster bans English terms

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Commentators for Russian sports broadcaster Match TV should no longer use English terms during transmissions, TV chief producer Tina Kandelaki has confirmed to the Tass state agency.

More than 100 words on a list have been excluded by Alexey Miller, head of Russian energy company Gazprom and also owner of Match TV.

The list includes terms such as loser, play-off, coach, performance, derby, restart and shortlist. All the words will be translated to Russian in the future.

"Commentators were recommended to stop using Anglicisms," Kandelaki said.

She explained the decision was a result of discussions by everyone involved in content creation.

Should any English word slip through, however, there is no punishment.

Stanislav Gridasov, the journalist who first published the list on Telegram, said: "It's known that the head of Gazprom is a passionate fighter for the purity of the Russian language."