1. 2:43

    Canberra high school student Dante Exum, 18, has been selected for the NBA draft – becoming the...

  2. 0:39

    High school student Easton Gamoke nails a full court shot to win a game in the United States.

  3. 0:12

    High school student Easton Gamoke re-creates his full court shot - at the first attempt.

  4. 0:18

    NBA superstar Blake Griffin adds a spectacular dunk to his highlight reel.

  5. 0:35

    The Houston Rockets got quite a shock when they left practice.

  6. 0:40

    Dennis Rodman performed a Marilyn Monroe-esque performance for Kim Jong-Un, singing happy birthday...

  7. 0:31

    Former U.S. basketball star Dennis Rodman has returned to North Korea.

  8. 0:25

    Perth's two American imports have racked up 61 of the Wildcats' 95 points over New Zealand.

  9. 0:34

    Watch the ridiculousness as NBA star Shumpert gets his flat top hair cut short in an effort to...

  10. 4:53

    Ahead of the Harlem Globetrotters Australian Tour, players 'Handles' and 'Moose' show off some of...