Campese's mobile number goes viral after sexist tweet

Melanie Dinjaski, Yahoo!7 Updated November 28, 2012, 5:05 pm

Rugby legend David Campese has made it easy for those who want to give him a piece of their mind after his sexist comments about a female journalist.

Just hours after his sexist tweet about a female rugby journalist caused uproar, the former Wallabies winger accidentally posted his mobile number on the social networking site.

While the number was promptly deleted by Campese, it was captured and quickly went viral.

Campese tweeted the number to a Sydney radio station, who had requested an interview.

Earlier, Campese had faced a social media backlash for a sexist attack on a female journalist.

"Why does the smh [sic] get a girl to write about rugby. Growden who was a great jornio [sic] and now we have someone who has no idea about the game.! [sic]" Campese wrote.

Posted at 4.56am, Campese tweeted the comments to over 8,200 followers. Though the tweet was since deleted, the post was captured and widely shared. Within seconds Campese was fending off criticism.

"Sometimes it is good to see some people react to thing [sic] you say. Please relax and see the light side of life. All press are the same," Campese tweeted back.

The sexist remark is believed to have been targeted at female Fairfax reporter, Georgina Robinson, who writes extensively about rugby and tweets under the Twitter handle '@geerob'.

Robinson is currently following the Wallabies on their European Tour and filed several stories this morning.

Greg Growden, whom Campese refers to, took redundancy from Fairfax earlier this year.

Twitter users responded in disgust at Campese's comments and fervently defended Robinson.

"Sorry David Campese but this is the last straw! #sexist #unfollowed," said @PinkRugby.

"I see @DavidCampese11 has again proven why he is one of the most disliked w****** in world. I'd happily read @geerob over you. D*******," tweeted another.

Wallabies flanker David Pocock even tweeted his outrage as he prepares to take on Wales in the Test match this weekend.

"Really sad to see journos attacked based on their gender. Or a grown woman referred to as a 'girl' #destroyingthejoint" Pocock said.

Ian Fuge, the Managing Editor of Sport at Fairfax, spoke out against Campese's outburst, on behalf of the organisation.

"I am staggered that anyone would criticise any sports reporter because of their gender. Georgina wasn't chosen for the rugby writer's role on the basis of her gender and neither should her work be judged as such," Fuge said.

"She is a fine rugby reporter - already up there with the best."

It is not the first time Campese has caused a stir with his outspoken views on the sport since retiring from Test rugby in 1996.

Campese earned 101 caps for the Wallabies during his illustrious career and is an inductee in the Australian Rugby Union Hall of Fame.

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  1. Greg08:21am Saturday 01st December 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    G Man ,you are so right. I saw those guys Derryn Hinch and and a few other old male dinosaurs who would defo have no jobs if they weren't just reading from a script they have been handed about just blind support for females. It was after that wasted chick had been throwing punches at the Melb Cup . I couldn't believe how they painted her as the "victim" who needed help and those in the crowd as the real villains because they didn't help her !!!!!!!! Of course she was given the usual "get out of jail free " card that all women now use by claiming some wicked man had caused it all by spiking her drink!!! What a disgrace and how overused is that claim for women who have in fact just made drunken idiots of themselves by trying to drink like the blokes. No one believes chicks anymore because they are allowed to make fake claims against men for rape, sexual assault,harassment, drink spiking e.t.c without ever having to worry about being charged when their lies are discovered . Any bloke doing the same would be jailed .

  2. glen06:31am Friday 30th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    The only "men"allowed a say on the Feminist Lobby controlled Anti Male media are either gay or have long since handed over their manhood to their corporate masters (think David Koch, Karl Stefonovic, Charles Wooly, Peter Fitzimmons, Deryn Hinch and all the pan sys on the project. They are a disgrace to men as the de sexes, diluted Feminist parrots they have allowed themselves to become. G Man G .

  3. Daniel10:38pm Thursday 29th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    The guy was a joke when he was playing, nows he an even bigger joke with the #$%$ he comes out with

  4. Kozzy04:07pm Thursday 29th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    @ JONES you are a British low life magot you no that so lick my Aussie balls and who you calling pink skinned look at you British cant even go in the sun you White skinned British snake why dont you look harder and see that all your 27 gold metals were not from British desent more than half are migrants that ended up in your #$%$ K E D up british nation you speak english like you have a fist in your A S S and you worship your Reptilian DOG face Queen still even that she has damend your country by infesting england with Curry munchers and pakistanies go JONES and lick your queens a s s like you all do every day and once again Jones lick my BALLS ........ #$%$ its quite sad Jones that you bag australia when half of australians came from england so your bagging your own people but what do you expect from a dumb low life magot POM .Remember Jones before you goto bed lick my balls

  5. Kozzy07:43am Thursday 29th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Well said Glen and to the female journalist go and report on new fashion shoes and to to the feminists out there go and lick my balls your a bunch of useless bitches

  6. glen06:16am Thursday 29th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Sorry but when did alledged sexism become second only to aggravated murder ?? Anyone who thinks freedom of speech exists in Australia is these days sadly deluded when it comes to absolutely anything remotely critical of females or the ridiculously patronising pro female legislation being force fed to society via the Feminist Lobby controlled Govt, Media ,courts and indeed, society at large. Campese has spoken the truth as felt by anyone still able to think freely for themselves outside of the daily avalanche of anti male propaganda and social engineering currently being administered under the label of Political Correctness. Women with zero experience not only in sport but also the thousands of plumb, high paid jobs for which most have no experience are the favored beneficiaries of the Feminist enforced Anti Male travesty ,otherwise known as "affirmative Action "which is currently helping drive our economy and system over the cliff of competitiveness and productivity . Anyone who dares say so is immediately put under massive pressure to apologise (censored). The only males now allowed to speak on media realize that if they want to stay employed they must turn on their own gender by constantly parroting pro female dribble and constantly demeaning anything presented as remotely male or "blokey" (think Derryn Hinch,Peter Fitzsimmon", and the growing mountain of otherwise obsolete windbags . Regards G Man G .Gender affairs commentator ( censored).

  7. Mick.A06:06am Thursday 29th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    So where is the handbag snarling "Junkyard Dogs" from the front bench of the Federal Labor Party's rebuttal of one of their own making sexist comments in regards to Julie Bishop? Their silence is deafening.

  8. Peter01:04am Thursday 29th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    well #$%$ have read and commented on it so you must be a wanker as well

  9. BRIAN11:43pm Wednesday 28th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    I really enjoy commentary better when it comes from those who have played the game they speak about themselves, just as with cricket, F1 races, golf, netball, bicycle racing, basketball, v8 races, league, etc.. I doubt if Campese could write as insightfully about netball as a woman or a girl who has devoted years to playing the game she loves. That is not a sexist statement, just a reasonable assertion. I think a lot of people are getting pretty unhinged and unreasonable and it is very unhealthy and divisive.

    2 Replies
  10. Ln10:27pm Wednesday 28th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    #$%$ me i hate thugby but women have netball