Deans 'destroyed' Australian rugby: Campese

Staff writers, Yahoo!7 November 15, 2012, 5:21 pm

Retired Wallabies legend David Campese has lashed out at coach Robbie Deans, saying that the New Zealander has destroyed Australian rugby.

Speaking to Fairfax Media Campese accussed Deans of letting the Wallabies' skill set drop so low that the national side couldn't even pass and catch the ball properly anymore.

"Deans has destroyed Australian rugby and I want him to go," Campese said.

"We've got a team at the moment that can't catch and can't pass. Wallaby teams in the past were never like this. Anyone who knows anything about Australian rugby knows what it's famous for - loops, angles, switches, counter-attack, creative play. Where's all that gone? We can't even pass properly."

The Wallabies attack has certainly dwindled in 2012 with the team crossing the chalk just twelve times in as many matches.

Campese who scored 315 points for the Wallabies during his career had very little positive to say about Deans, going on to accuse him of playing politics with the players and questioned the need for a foreign coach.

"The try rate is disgusting. You've got guys in the team who can't pass from left to right. And these are supposed to be international players," Campese said.

"As for Deans, I just don't know why we had to go and get a foreign coach when we've won two World Cups with our own coaches. Look at how Matt Giteau's been treated. He's sitting down there, playing in Toulon, 92 caps, finished with Test rugby, and all because the coach doesn't like him. It's an ego trip."

"Just look at the body language of the players, they're not having fun, not enjoying themselves at all. There are lots of problems within the team."

Ravaged by injury, the Wallabies have missed the services of key players, David Pocock, James O'Connor, James Horwill and Digby Ioane in recent matches, but Campese was accepting no excuses.

"I know there are injuries but even so. There are no big names there, no one to set the stadium alight. There's something missing. There's no fear factor about the Wallabies any more. And that's a sad state of affairs," Campese said.

"You've got to go out and get people to want to come and watch you play. Ain't happening with us, mate. The skill factor is so poor at the moment. Look at Pat McCabe in the centre. He's not a good passer and he's tipped to be the next captain."

With the Wallabies set to face England this weekend, another poor performance might see Deans face the chopping block, though Campese has mixed feelings on the issue.

"I don't want the boys to lose. I played for Australia and it's clearly hard to go against them, especially when it's against the Poms. But if Australia win, Deans stays. I just want him to go. He's the worst thing that has ever happened to Australian rugby."

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  1. Pombra03:53pm Friday 16th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    I would love to hear Camp saying give me the job, I have the answers! Everyone has a bad season, this is true for Australia. why cant we accept the fact and work hard for the next game??

  2. David12:19pm Friday 16th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Hey Paul ,,correction ,,,,,,Robbie deans has NEVER coached the AB,s as far as I am aware

  3. David12:17pm Friday 16th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    old grumpy Campese ,,,about every 3 years he comes out with some half baked comment about something or a rather,,,,,,,trying to re-live his days in the media spotlight ,,,,,,,,when somebody actually cared what he thought ,,,,his best skills were only ever on the field ,,,,, Poor Robbie seems to be the scapegoat for a lack of wallaby depth yet again ,,,,,the ARU picked him as he was the best candidate available for the job ,,,,,,,It's best if Campese go join his disgruntled drinking partner Quade Cooper at the pub for Rugby has-beens

  4. Dale09:59am Friday 16th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    What a bunch of idiots you are. the comments by Paul, Rooster and Barry show you people have no idea at all about that which you speak. And Campo, bless hiss cotton socks isn't adding anything worth while either, saddly he never does. His one accurate and credible comment was that the team can't pass, right on the money. The fact is that no senior coach can address those flaws in a players makeup in the short time he has them. Nor is it his responsibility, these thing need to be addressed at Super level and below, but aren't. Also he can't do anything about the incredible level of injuries to the frontline wallabies and as the aussie playing pool is so thin he's got to go with whats left and that aint much or good. Australian rugby has bee devolving for years and it's our own fault. If you cared to look you would find a glorious history of self inflicted injury in Aust rugby. Alan Jones was kicked out because his ego got in the way. He was successful but he also divided the team to such an extent that they lost faith, form and trust in him. Bob Dwyers second stint as coach was cut short by a coup and Greg Smith was inserted. He proved to be so devisive that the team was in a worse possition than it is n now, with better players. Under his stewardship no 2 consecutive teams were the same. Then after Rod Macqueen saved the day and left a road map of how to win we got steady Eddie Jones who slowly deconstructed most of australian rugby, he set in the rot at the brumbies, then the national team and finally Qld. Australia has suffered for so long that it's going to take time to regain the top rung of the ladder and Deans is doing fine despite what is being said by idiots in the media. The only other option for coach is Ewan Mckenzie and to take him away from QLD just as Australia has found a winning super team is a bit counter productive. Better to laeve him there and get the other super franchises to lift their game so we have more successful coaches to choose from instead of gutting a provence of a winning coach before the culture has been set and leaving them to flounder again and setting the national team, potentially, back to where it is now if he doesn't work out. How about you lot think before you open your mouths any more about something you know nothing about.

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  5. barry s03:54am Friday 16th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Big Kev if the players can't catch or pass properly it is the coaches job to keep them training at it until they can do it properly or drop them from the team, they were all ok when in lower grade so why isn't the coach coaching properly.

  6. Paul01:17am Friday 16th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    Robbie Deans is a joke. If he was as good as he is supposed to be, he would still be coaching the Kiwis. He is obviously not up to the task of creating a consistently winning Wobbelies Team. They are actually Wannabees rather than Wallabies. These days, IF Australia can beat ANYBODY, then it is a cause for celebration. Robbie Deans HAS TO BE yesterday.

  7. Big Kev 13305:40pm Thursday 15th November 2012 ESTReport Abuse

    So let me get this right David ! As a coach of a national team I am expected to first teach the players how to pass, tackle and kick the ball ? You've got to be joking :) Jeeez man thats what kiddy coaches do. I could well imagine Alan Jones , Bob Dwyer or better still big Mal Maninga in League taking the boys for passing practice before you actually did international level planning and ideas. Deans has a Super Rugby coaching record a country mile better than anyone next but I guess down there the players still know how to pass a ball. Us Kiwi's were saddened that you got Robbie so letting him go won't worry us too much. The Wallabies drew with the AB's last up then got snotted in France. I'm sure its the