Rugby legend David Campese has made it easy for those who want to give him a piece of their mind after his sexist comments about a female journalist.

Just hours after his sexist tweet about a female rugby journalist caused uproar, the former Wallabies winger accidentally posted his mobile number on the social networking site.

While the number was promptly deleted by Campese, it was captured and quickly went viral.

Campese tweeted the number to a Sydney radio station, who had requested an interview.

Earlier, Campese had faced a social media backlash for a sexist attack on a female journalist.

"Why does the smh [sic] get a girl to write about rugby. Growden who was a great jornio [sic] and now we have someone who has no idea about the game.! [sic]" Campese wrote.

Posted at 4.56am, Campese tweeted the comments to over 8,200 followers. Though the tweet was since deleted, the post was captured and widely shared. Within seconds Campese was fending off criticism.

"Sometimes it is good to see some people react to thing [sic] you say. Please relax and see the light side of life. All press are the same," Campese tweeted back.

The sexist remark is believed to have been targeted at female Fairfax reporter, Georgina Robinson, who writes extensively about rugby and tweets under the Twitter handle '@geerob'.

Robinson is currently following the Wallabies on their European Tour and filed several stories this morning.

Greg Growden, whom Campese refers to, took redundancy from Fairfax earlier this year.

Twitter users responded in disgust at Campese's comments and fervently defended Robinson.

"Sorry David Campese but this is the last straw! #sexist #unfollowed," said @PinkRugby.

"I see @DavidCampese11 has again proven why he is one of the most disliked w****** in world. I'd happily read @geerob over you. D*******," tweeted another.

Wallabies flanker David Pocock even tweeted his outrage as he prepares to take on Wales in the Test match this weekend.

"Really sad to see journos attacked based on their gender. Or a grown woman referred to as a 'girl' #destroyingthejoint" Pocock said.

Ian Fuge, the Managing Editor of Sport at Fairfax, spoke out against Campese's outburst, on behalf of the organisation.

"I am staggered that anyone would criticise any sports reporter because of their gender. Georgina wasn't chosen for the rugby writer's role on the basis of her gender and neither should her work be judged as such," Fuge said.

"She is a fine rugby reporter - already up there with the best."

It is not the first time Campese has caused a stir with his outspoken views on the sport since retiring from Test rugby in 1996.

Campese earned 101 caps for the Wallabies during his illustrious career and is an inductee in the Australian Rugby Union Hall of Fame.

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