A roundup of apps you can use to track your spending and make sure you're hitting your 2020 budget goals

Making money is great and it's even better when you can save a little extra for a rainy day. While traditional banks offer their own apps to help you keep an eye on your spending, there are other, third party apps you can use, to get further insights into your spending.

We take a look at some of the budgeting apps you can use in Australia:


Pocketbook is a free, Australian-developed app which links to your bank accounts. From there, it separates your spending into categories like groceries and fuel to pinpoint where your money is spent. You can also set up budgets for each category and check your transactions. You can get it on the Apple App Store or on Google Play.


Frollo is a free finance app that helps you keep track of your financial behaviour. Headquartered in Sydney, the app links to your bank, overseas and investment accounts and lets you track your spending. You can even set yourself financial goals for the day, week, or month.

The app gives you challenges to help you manage your finances and tips other Frollo community members have used to save money. Plus, it gives you budgeting suggestions to help you reach your finance goals.


If you want to take your savings a step further, Raiz gets you to save the change you have and invest it.

You can choose an amount to set aside and invest each day, week or month. Or, you can choose to invest a whole lump sum. Once linked to your bank account, Raiz automatically 'rounds up' your purchases to the closest dollar and invests the difference. For accounts under $10,000, it costs $2.50 a month.

Money Brilliant

Money Brilliant connects to all your accounts and categorises your transactions. The app detects your bills and can remind you when they are due, whether they have been paid, or if they were missed. When it comes to tax time, the app can also let you know of any transactions that could be tax deductible.

You can choose from a free basic plan or a Plus plan for $9.90 which offers the tax-deductable option and other features like a breakdown of your net worth.


Wiselist helps you save when you go grocery shopp. It provides the prices of products from Coles and Woolies, letting you compare and see which is cheaper. You can also add items to your watch list to get notified when they are on special. Wiselist also offers a bill management feature that notifies you when your bills are due.


Melbourne based app Finch doesn't only track your expenses, it also helps you split expenses. You can create a group and share group expenses with your friends, housemates or family members. You can pay your friends without a BSB and get automatic payment reminders.


Moneytree was founded in Japan in 2012 came to Australia in 2017. The app links all your finance streams like bank accounts, digital money, superannuation and credit cards, and uses AI to aggregate it into a financial picture for you. On Moneytree, you can monitor your cards, loyalty points and spending.

It gives you an idea of your spending habits by analysing the date, time, place and size of every purchase made on your accounts. While Moneytree is free, you can get a paid upgrade called MoneyTree Grow which lets you set a monthly budget for your important spending categories and get notifications.


Once you connect your bank accounts to this Czech-developed app – or add your cash expenses manually – it will analyse the data and show you where your money is going each month. You can also create a smart budget so that you don't overspend in a certain area. Plus, the app is able to handle multiple currencies. You can choose from a free basic plan, Spendee Plus at $1.99 a month or Spendee Premium at $2.99 a month.


This New Zealand based app organises transactions into categories and has a search engine so you can find a specific transaction. Pocketsmith can also forecast your savings and show you how much you're projected to have based on how you are budgeting.

You can also forecast your compound interest. You can get the free option, the premium version for $10.95 a month (which gives you automatic categorisation) or super for $21.95 per month where you can project your savings up to 30 years in the future.

Good Budget

This app uses a modern version of the envelope budgeting method to manage your finances. The envelope system involves separating your monthly budget into envelopes for a particular category. For example putting $300 cash aside for your groceries, $150 for eating out and $200 to pay your utilities. You would then take out money from each envelope to pay that specific bill. Good Budget takes this process online and you can sync it on your mobile and share it with a loved one. You can get the free version of the app which gives you 10 envelopes or pay $6 a month for unlimited envelopes.

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