It's Been A Rough Couple Of Days, So Please Enjoy These Signs That Made Me Laugh So Hard, Milk Actually Dribbled From My Nose

We're almost halfway through September, so to help everyone get through the other half, let's take a moment and enjoy some signs from r/funnysigns on Reddit. Guaranteed to make you laugh or at least blow some air through your nose:

1."The most honest product description ever written??"

A long, handwritten note begging customers to buy these $2 thin, round, multicolored items that the store can't identify (but may be noise-makers) and doesn't know who orders them, but they keep coming every other month

2."Very clever advertising."

A tabby cat on the pavement with a handwritten sign hanging off them "Garage sale!! Follow me!"

3."Consider this a warning. 🧀"

Sheet of paper with printed text tucked under a car windshield wiper: "Next time you take up two parking spots, I will line your car with slices of cheese; consider this a warning — gonna smell bad" with images of sliced American cheese and a car

4."Buy new batteries!"

Display of cucumbers with handwritten sign: "No batteries? No problem!"

5."So civilized. ✌️"

Sign: "Attention: All disputes settled by rock paper scissors!"

6."Sorry, not sorry!"

Street construction sign on a gate: "Sorry for the inconvenience: If Rome was built in a day we would have used the same contractor"

7."Always a good idea. 🍑"

Sign with a "c" missing: "Please keep anal area tidy — Waterways Ireland"

8."Found this at my local farmers market."

Street regulatory sign: "Please: No smoking, no dogs, no smoking dogs"

9."Can’t get more clear than that."

Sign: "Notice: The patio is currently not open because it's closed"

10."This movie sounds absolutely unhinged."

Three-line movie-theater awning: "Oppenheimer / Bottoms / The Nun II"

11."The trailer for the next superhero movie."

Street directional signs: "Nuclear Power Plant" and "Spider Farm"

12."Saw this while doing DoorDash in a neighborhood. 😂"

Street warning sign: "Wildlife crossing"

13."Accident-free since Joe left."

Building sign: "This work center has been accident-free since [filled in:] Joe left"

14."My English language arts teacher has this sticker on her whiteboard."

Sign: "Let's eat kids; Let's eat, kids: Punctuation Saves Lives"

15."Cats have their own agenda."

Warning sign: "Beware of the dog; the cat is not trustworthy either"

16."Blame that guy."

Notice: "24-hour video surveillance: Blame the guy who kept pooping here"

17."It’s almost fall, y’all."

Store sign for MJ's Steel City Sports Bar & Grill: "It's candy corn season for all u crayon eating psychopaths"

18."But now what can we do?"

Sign: "When leaving please turn off the lights" with a flat plate where the switch should be

19."Why are you so worried, door?"

Sign on a door: "This door is alarmed after 5 pm"; handwritten below it: "Before then, it's just generally anxious"