Ronny Chieng Delivers a Heartfelt Apology to ‘Giant Loser’ Nikki Haley

Comedy Central
Comedy Central

It takes a big man to admit when he is wrong—especially when the recipient of that admission is a “giant loser.”

Just hours after Nikki Haley threw in the towel on her dreams of winning the White House in 2024, The Daily Show correspondent and this week’s guest host, Ronny Chieng, felt compelled to atone for all the not-so-flattering things he has said about her.

After momentarily feigning disappointment over Haley’s decision to drop out, Chieng pleaded with the former South Carolina governor to reconsider quitting. “You were only 80,000 delegates behind,” deadpanned the comedian, adding: “If you drop out, who will little girls without any principles, convictions, or charisma look up to?”

But after reconsidering his words, Chieng took a moment to address Haley directly to offer some heartfelt words—and hard truths.

“Nikki, honestly I’m sorry. I have no idea why everyone, including myself, is being so mean to you,” said Chieng. “I was actually rooting for you. Because I know you were just trying to save your party—and the world—from Donald Trump. And all we ever did was shit on you, because you’re such a giant loser who sucks so bad.”

Realizing that he was defeating the purpose of his plea, Chieng apologized again, asking Haley to “please consider this a formal and sincere apology. We should have done a lot better. Like you should have done in your own home state that you lost by 20 points like a loser.”

Before he once again strayed too far from the purpose of his direct address, Chieng had just one more message for Haley: “I swear to God, if you turn around and endorse Trump I will… totally be expecting that.”

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