Rodgers 'won't stand still' - Fay

Former Scotland goalkeeper Gemma Fay anticipates a busy summer transfer window at Celtic, as manager Brendan Rodgers looks to build on a successful first season back in Scotland.

Celtic won both the league and Scottish Cup this season, but Fay still believes Rodgers will want more consistency for the next campaign.

"It's not been a typical Celtic season," she told the BBC's Scottish Football Podcast.

"It's not been a consistently dominant season. We've had fits and starts and whatnot throughout the year.

"So I think Brendan Rodgers next year would like to build that level of consistency of performance into the squad in the domestic game.

"What's the likelihood O'Riley is going to be there? We don't know.

"Adam Idah brings you something different upfront, but when asked he said he's still a contracted Norwich player, standard answer. That's not him saying he doesn't want to be here.

"Joe Hart's obviously gone, so that position needs to be filled as well as some tightening up in defence. Rodgers won't be standing still."

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