Rodgers on Champions League performances, Atleti task & 'genuine belief'

Martin Dowden, BBC Sport Scotland in Madrid

Brendan Rodgers has been addressing the media in Madrid as his side arrive for their Champions League clash against Atletico.

Here are the key points of the presser:

  • Rodgers believes the performance levels have got better as the group stage has gone on but they “haven’t had the breaks that we probably wanted” from the games.

  • He insisted they come with confidence as a result of those performances but “are under no illusions” about the size of the task.

  • The Celtic manager agreed that his side may have earned a bit more respect after Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone praised their style.

  • “The cynics will probably tell us that we’ve only got one point but for a club and a team likes ourselves it’s all about improving that level of confidence and that all comes through performance,” he said.

  • Rodgers conceded he feels Celtic must get something in this fixture to retain hope of European football after Christmas, adding, “There’s no doubt. We’re not daft. We know this is a game where we want to get a positive result to take into the final two games.”

  • The Northern Irishman stressed they can take genuine belief from the display against Atletico in Glasgow in the 2-2 draw, saying, “the level of football we played was fantastic.”