Rita Ora takes mob wife aesthetic to the 60s with this bouffant hair

rita ora on the red carpet in strapless gown with long curly blonde hair
Rita's bouffant hair nails the mob wife aestheticAxelle/Bauer-Griffin - Getty Images

The mob wife aesthetic is such a joy. Fur coats, dark sunglasses, leather, animal print, big earrings; it's flashy but cool, and just garish enough. The notable swapping of understated 'quiet luxury' trends for obvious displays of wealth – and a touch of criminality – has captured internet hearts. It takes me back to the days of my huge vintage clip-on earring obsession in secondary school.

But it's not just fashion and accessories, oh no. There's a huge beauty element to the trend. Smokey eyes, long manicured nailed, red lips, big bold hair set so perfectly in place that a high speed car chase wouldn't disturb it. Rita Ora's bouffant beehive is a prime example of such a hair look.

Sporting the style in Paris for Fashion Week, Rita wrote in the caption: "Thank you @pieter_mulier @masionalaia for a beautiful show at PFW, honestly I’m always so blown away by your work 💖" And we want the name of her hairstylist, because honestly we're blown away by their work too.

Flowing back from a thick, black headband that only makes Rita's bouffant beehive more perfectly 1960's, the volume is a marvel and not a hair is out of place. It was only when we came off Instagram to find more pics that we realised it sailed all the way down her back.

celebrity sightings in paris january 22, 2024
MEGA - Getty Images

Paired with that boxy tailoring and dark glasses? Ultimate mob wife. Now all she needs is a red lip and long fur to wear over her suit.

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