Rihanna shows off her natural skin texture in super satisfying skincare routine video

The Fenty Beauty Instagram account just shared a video of Rihanna showing us how to use one of the newest launches from the brand, the Fenty Skin Cherry Dub - Daily Cleansing Face Scrub (try saying that five times faster). And while the video was a supeeerrr satisfying display of the scrub and the process, we were mostly getting a good look at Miss Fenty's bare natural skin.

For anyone hoping for acne or giant pores, apologies, her natural skin is glowing and enviably blemish-free. Plus, it's undeniably bare, as we see her wash away the scrub on camera.

Mild enough to use as a daily cleanser substitute (or double cleanse), the caption read; "#CherrySmoove skinnn, FTW! 🏆 Y’all will neva catch @badgalriri slippin’ when #CherryDub Face Scrub is on deck! 🍒".

Yes it's an ad, but I can personally vouch for this scrub, I don't quite look like Rihanna yet since I started using it, but I'm convinced I'm getting there. Though I was hesitant to use a physical exfoliant – reminiscent of teen years scrubbing my face off – this wasn't a face wash with shards of goodness knows what in it, it was a softly grainy paste that felt delightful to rub between your fingers.

Inspired by her native Barbados cherries, the brand said of the jammy face scrub: "This daily face scrub melts into a cushiony lather to brighten, smooth, and refine pores to get than skin poppin’ 💯 It doesn’t get juicer than this!".

Yes, a picture speaks a thousand words but then how many does a video speak? That clip is certainly backing up this caption.

And if you aren't convinced yet... that cherry smell is so deliciously 00s, you're basically buying time travel.

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