Rihanna confirms the skinny brow is back in a big way with this shaved look

rihanna with her hair up and blue eye makeup poses on a carpet
Rihanna is bringing back skinny brows, peopleAlberto E. Rodriguez - Getty Images

If you have PTSD from plucking your brows to oblivion in the 90s and 00s, close this tab. Only, don't. Because if you're still trying to grow back hair beyond the single file line that you were *adamant* was the only way to wear your brows back then, well, then the return of the skinny brow should be good news. Far less bush for you to aspire to. We've seen skinny brows on runways, street style, and all over TikTok. Now the trend has been confirmed by the one and only Rihanna.

BadGalRiRi's donned an exaggerated 1920s skinny brow before in artistic makeup looks, but this is more of a subtle real-life skinny eyebrow and one that you or I might consider rocking.

Shaped and filled to give a sharp shaved effect, it was the work of her most trusted mua, Fenty Beauty global makeup artist, Priscilla Ono. Priscilla posted shots from the Vogue China shoot to her IG, captioned: "Thin brows, stained lips and velvety
brushed cheeks♥️."

Between this and the skinny brow filter on TikTok, we're a 90s brow width away from picking up the tweezers.

And it wasn't the only big brow move for the shoot, taking things up a notch Priscilla also created this incredible scarlet brow look she captioned: "rouge brows♥️ get into it!"

It's crazy how much the deep red brows change the whole look of her face. Despite the bold colour they somehow soften the distinction between her upper and lower face giving her an elongated appearance. And the contrast with her green eyes? Everything.

Priscilla never misses.

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