Rick Pitino admits 'it's probably not best for me to work in college basketball'

Rick Pitino appeared on The Dan Patrick Show, where he maintained he knew nothing about the scandals with Louisville's basketball program.

Rick Pitino is adamant he is innocent of the scandals that have rocked the Louisville basketball program, but did admit the likelyhood of him finding a job in the college circuit is unlikely.

Pitino was on The Dan Patrick Show Thursday, where he revealed he interviewed for one collegiate coaching job, but he and the school realized it wasn't a "good fit."

"I've only been contacted by one school. It was a nice situation... but it did not fit for me. It did not fit for them. ... It's probably not going to work for me in college basketball. ... It's going to take years for my legal case to shake out," Pitino said.

Pitino was fired as coach of Louisville last September amid the program’s alleged involvement in the college basketball recruiting scandal being investigated by the FBI. That was just the latest in a litany of controversies around Pitino during his tenure at the school.

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He repeatedly told host Dan Patrick that this was his last interview for a while and that it was going to take time for his name to be cleared.

"I think in two years they'll say, 'Man, that guy was really railroaded out of the business,'" Pitino said. " ... It'll come out that I'm innocent."