Richmond's strong message amid nude photo scandal

Richmond Football Club says it is dedicated to promoting respectful attitudes towards women amidst a photo scandal involving a topless woman wearing a 2017 AFL premiership medal.

Police are investigating after the photo of the naked woman's torso with the medal around her neck was circulated online.

It's alleged the woman didn't agree to the photos being published.

The club on Wednesday said it will fully co-operate with police.

"We feel very strongly about the positive role of women at our club and in sport generally and are committed to creating an environment where women can thrive," a statement read.

Reports of the photo emerged late last week and club president Peggy O'Neal said Richmond won't "stand for that" if it's found a player has done the wrong thing.

“If it turns out that it is disrespectful to women we certainly don’t stand for that, that’s not what, or club’s about and if someone has made a disrespectful and humiliating gesture then of course it will be taken into account," she said.

“That isn’t what we’re about, it isn’t what the AFL’s about I think that our club has shown its for equality, it’s for inclusiveness, and it wants to promote women.

“So the fact that someone has made a terrible judgment, and maybe has been disrespectful, again I don’t know the particulars of what you’re talking about, I think that that doesn’t say what the club’s about, what the sport’s about, and people make errors in judgment all the time.

“Sport has such a pivotal part of our community, it really says what we think about women overall, and so I think that sport has the ability to make women regarded as more equal in the eyes of everyone.”

The photo doesn't show the woman's face, and nor is the medal owner identified.

A second photo showing a naked woman from behind, holding a football and standing beside a wall with a Richmond logo on it, is not believed to be subject to the police investigation.

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