View from the nan zone as England beat Switzerland

Sue pictured holding a glass of wine at the village. She has short white hair and wearing a blue top with white flowers around the collar and sat on a chair with a tartan print
Sue was among residents at the retirement village who toasted England's success on Saturday [BBC]

Former professional footballer Garry Thompson met with residents of a retirement village as England secured a spot in the semi-finals of Euro 2024 after their nail-biting penalty shoot-out.

BBC WM presenter Daz Hale went with the former Aston Villa and West Bromwich striker to watch the game at Lichfield's Beacon Park retirement village as part of the station's "watch-along" series.

There were shouts of "come on son", "deep breaths" and "you must" as Trent Alexander-Arnold prepared to take the penalty which would win the match for England on Saturday.

Cheers followed after the ball hit the back of the net.

Residents watching the game in Lichfield. Several men and a woman are sat with their backs to us in several arms chairs around a wooden table with a flat screen TV showing the match on the wall
People at the Lichfield retirement village were among millions of people cheering England on [BBC]

Although Alan, who said he was a Scotland supporter, joked after England's quick equalizer against Switzerland he was "going to go to the dentist soon".

Daz Hale and Thompson shared banter and football advice as they watched the match with residents at the village.

Sue, who has lived there for three years, said it was a friendly place.

"I didn't come down to socialise for three months, with illnesses and stuff, and when I came in everybody here was smiling and clapping like you belonged somewhere," she said.

After the match went to penalties, Thompson shared how he had felt taking them at a high level in football.

"I took two in my career and scored both of them although the manager of West Bromwich at the time, Ron Wylie, came down and screamed ‘not him he can't kick the ball straight’," he said.

Former footballer Gary Thompson with a care home resident. She is sat in a wheelchair and has short dark hair and is wearing a dark top with spots on it. Garry sits in a tartan-print chair in a grey T-shirt and jeans
Garry Thompson shared his football knowledge and experience with people at the Lichfield site [BBC]

Elsewhere in Staffordshire, Stephen and his family from Cannock were among fans who gave their reaction to the BBC after the game.

The big football fan said he had decorated the family's front room with England shirts when his wife went out.

He told the BBC how he felt during the game, which he watched with many family members including his eldest brother and parents-in-law.

"Just nerves and it is a good job my wife is a nurse because my heart was absolutely racing, I was a bag of nerves and when that last penalty went in the whole house went up, it was amazing," he said.

He praised the players and manager Gareth Southgate adding as Birmingham City fans "Bellingham has a close place in our hearts".

"I think we will go on a win the whole thing, there's this different mindset with the England players now. They've got a winning mentality," Stephen added.

"We are getting the job done, we are winning games."

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