Reneé Rapp Shut Down A Fan's Vulgar Sign, And It's Clear We Need To Set Some Boundaries With Concert Etiquette

Reneé Rapp might laugh off most racy concert signs, but fans should still respect some boundaries.

Renee in a black turtleneck outfit with a choppy bangs hairstyle
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It's no surprise that Reneé gets a lot of attention at her concerts from her thirsty fans. But after hearing some of them read back, it's given me a bit of pause.

Renee in a graphic tee and jeans on stage with a microphone
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With each interaction, I started noticing how they delved deeper into debauchery to downright objectifying.

Before reading fans' signs at a London show, Renée made a hilarious announcement to clarify that she was only reading signs and not sharing her own words, and the fans said some pretty wild things that'll make you cringe.

renee leaning into the crowd from stage to see better
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One fan sign read, "Next time you tape up your boobs, tape me to them."

Renee performing on stage with a microphone
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Another sign read, "Sit on my face," which seems to be a popular sign at her shows.

  Burak Cingi / Redferns
Burak Cingi / Redferns

The front of another sign read, "It's my birthday," until they flipped it around, and it read, "Fuck me in the kitchen."

  Burak Cingi / Redferns
Burak Cingi / Redferns

At her show in Birmingham, Reneé pointed out a bedazzled sign that read, "Fuck me until my tummy hurts."

renee singing on stage
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It's been getting out of control for a while. A fan wrote "Eat this or eat me" on a baguette at one of her shows last year.

  Debbie Hickey / Getty Images
Debbie Hickey / Getty Images

Sure, Reneé has fun reading the signs back to fans at her shows, but it doesn't mean lines aren't being crossed when they might go too far with objectification.

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In a recent fan-captured video, Reneé slightly changed her tune by playfully reading back the vulgar signs and setting a clear boundary when the language went too far.

  John Nacion / Getty Images
John Nacion / Getty Images

"No, my tits are staying in my shirt," she said, possibly referencing a sign that suggested a lewd act.

renee sitting for an interview wearing a leather jacket
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What happened to good old-fashioned watching a concert? Nowadays, fans are making the concert experience more about getting a TikTok moment by tossing water bottles, writing lewd signs, or going into labor mid-song.

In an Etalk interview in October 2023, Reneé also talked about how she felt about people's comments toward her versus the signs at her shows.

renee sitting across an interviewer

"People say really absurd things, and I'm wondering what about my personality warrants people to feel like they can slash should say this. Because if somebody said that to me, like, in person, I don't know if I would be like — 'this is so weird' or if I would be like, 'that's hot.'"


When the comments are on a sign at a show, she says, "They're so funny," referencing a sign that used her last name as a pun, reading, "Rapp your legs around my neck." While she admitted that she might find it amusing if said in person, it feels like she is just trying to be a good sport about an awkward situation.

she's holding a sign that says please rapp your legs around my neck

Fortunately, not all fans find these vulgar signs amusing; many have supported Reneé setting boundaries despite her sense of humor:

"Boundaries are so important. Good for her setting them early on," one fan wrote.

Text in image: "Boundaries are so important. Good for her setting them early on."

Another fan wrote, "I think at first she was so accepting of it, but now people have gotten out of hand. I'm glad she addressed it and is setting those boundaries."


"I knew this was going to happen, people were going way overboard," another person expressed.


"I hope that ppl that go to her future shows respect this boundary," another TikTok user wrote.

The image contains a text message stating a hope that people respect the boundary of an individual at future shows

So, folks should take this as a sign they need to chill out with the shameless objectification. Keep it cute.