Rehanne Skinner: West Ham boss says she's 'sick' of incorrect decisions after Chelsea defeat

West Ham and Chelsea players shake hands after defeat

West Ham boss Rehanne Skinner says she is "getting a bit sick" of incorrect decisions after having a goal ruled out against Chelsea on Sunday.

The Hammers lost 2-0 to Emma Hayes' side in the Women's Super League, with Honoka Hayashi flagged offside despite replays showing the contrary.

The Hammers boss believes bringing a video assistant referee (VAR) into the women's game is something to consider.

"The goal was more than a metre onside," Skinner told Sky Sports.

Chelsea went ahead early on through Aggie Beever-Jones, but Hayashi's goal was ruled offside just 12 minutes later and could have changed the complexion of the game if it had stood.

Replays suggested the goal should have been allowed, showing the Japan midfielder was behind the last defender as she ran on to a flicked header. But without VAR there was no opportunity to overturn the decision.

"Last week [against Liverpool] there were two goals scored against us, neither of which should have stood," she added.

"Tottenham game, we get another apology after the game for a goal that should never have stood for offside. I'm getting a bit sick of it to be honest."

West Ham created plenty of opportunities which they failed to take and Skinner acknowledged this while calling for improvements in the game.

The Hammers didn't have a shot on target in the match, the first time since 2 April 2023 against Liverpool that they have failed to do so in a WSL match.

"We have had chances today and need to make sure we take those chances, but the way that the game goes on, we cannot keep having those type of mistakes in games because it completely ruins the game," she continued.

"The bottom line is, if that's how I operated in my job, I wouldn't be in my job.

"I'm just at the point now where it's near enough every week. Apologies after the game doesn't change the outcome.

Manchester United manager Marc Skinner was also vocal on the need for VAR in the women's game after Jess Park's first goal for Manchester City on Saturday was allowed to stand despite an offside in the build-up.

"If that's the argument we need to start getting results right, then that's what we need to start doing," the Hammers boss said.

"Ultimately the referees still aren't professional in this game so they aren't actually in a situation where they are solely focusing on these games. That's got to change.

"The game has still got so much growing up to do, we are still not right across the board in the game," she added.

"I lost my job at Tottenham after we lost 2-1 to Liverpool and we got an apology the next day to say the goal shouldn't have stood. It has got to be better."