Reggie sees Klemmer's nightmare impact

Scott Bailey
David Klemmer (centre) has given Blues room-mate Reagan Campbell-Gillard some scary moments in camp

Reagan Campbell-Gillard already knows the kind of nightmares NSW front-row partner David Klemmer is going to give Queensland next week.

Because he's seen the ones the Canterbury forward gives himself some nights from the other side of their Coogee hotel room in Blues camp this week.

The Penrith front-rower revealed at Blues training on Friday he'd been awoken on the third night in camp by Klemmer sitting up and his bed and yelling out loud.

"It was the scariest thing I've ever witnessed from a roommate," Campbell-Gillard said.

"He just had an outburst. He had a bit of a nightmare, and we spoke about it and he said he does that often.

"I can't repeat what he said. I think it was about 3:30 or 4 o'clock in the morning. It was one of the scariest things I've had to wake up to.

"He just sat up and I don't think he knew where he was."

For all his midnight terrors though, Campbell-Gillard has been surprised by just how shy and quiet Klemmer can be.

The Canterbury forward has appeared a more relaxed man around NSW camp this week after enduring the Bulldogs' poor start to the season, but the fired-up prop admitted he could sometimes fall victim to white-line fever.

"I love playing rugby league. We don't get to play this game for a long time so when we do you've got to make the most of it," Klemmer said.

"As soon as you cross the line it's game on and I enjoy playing football. That's part of my game as a forward.

"I've watched this game since I can remember when I was a little boy. I get to do this now at an age where it's very exciting as a very proud NSW man. I love making my kids proud."

The pair are just one of several roommates tactically put together by Blues officials as a ploy to form on-field bonds before the 11 rookies combine with six incumbents on the MCG on Wednesday night.

Fellow middle-players Damien Cook and Jack de Belin have also been paired for their first game together, as have the far-left and far-right wing and centre pairings.

Nathan Cleary is with second-rower Tyson Frizell while they build their bond on the right edge, while five-eighth James Maloney and fullback James Maloney are also spending plenty of time together as they build their on-field combination.